Friday 19 April 2013

Town Life

This is my first post on a personal project called Town Life. It will centre in and around my local town, Brampton. I now live in a village 3 miles away but have lived in and close to Brampton for most of my adult life. The importance of a community from the shops to the people to the services are what makes a town. People setting up shops, opening cafes, hairdressers, running toddler groups, drama groups, football teams, the list goes on. All of the above have been important to me and my family. I want to take a look at all the people that make up this small town. 
I am starting with what is my favourite shop, Hilary's Antiques. If you go in you will get lost in an eclectic mix of items, the fact that it has no order simply adds to the charm. My house is filled with the gems I have found in there. Hilary always has something positive to say to you and is always happy to see you. She will let you take items home to try out and check you like them before committing to buy. If you pop in and have no money on you - it's fine - just bring it in when you are next passing. And boy does she have an eye for some fantastic pieces! Hilary's is important to me and to Brampton.

Contax 645. Fuji 400h. All images scanned and developed by The FIND Lab apart from the last one which is DS Colour Lab.


  1. Great post Molly. Gorgeous colours too

  2. Thank you Jeni! I will have to take you in there when you visit!