Monday 14 April 2014

Family photography at home in Cumbria

Going into someones house and spending time photographing their family is always an honour, it feels special and quite intimate. I think it is a huge part of why I love photographing family portraits and weddings, a limited time to try and tell someones personal story.
Alice, Chris, Eilidh and Magnus welcomed me into their home one Feburary afternoon. This is their story.

You can see this story and many others on the wonderful family photography blog Little Bellows

Contax 645. Canon 1V. Kodak Portra 400, Tri-X. Ilford Delta 3200. All scanned and developed by my favourites  - UK Film Lab.


  1. you are just So talented Molly xxxxx I love every photo you take, you just capture moments of joy perfectly xxxx

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely words Jenny! That means a lot to me xxxx