Tuesday 10 June 2014

Jake, Kim and Oren | Newcastle family photography

Photographing this family included a walk, a pub, and a table top sale! I was very happy to follow Oren and his mum and dad around for the day. It even ended in dancing - me dancing with Oren, but fortunately there are no photos of that! I am more than happy to do what fits in with any family shoot, sometimes you just have to let the day unfold. It is about everyone feeling comfortable and happy, there are no rules.   

These are some of my favourite images.

Jake is a highly skilled bespoke joiner who makes wonderful things out of wood. His website can be found here.

This is possibly my favourite image, wondering home from the pub with random retro finds from the tabletop sale, standing in front of a wall I liked (them humouring me) Jake talking about tree buds (Kim humouring him). It was a good day.

Contax 645. Portra 400. Developed and scanned by UK Film Lab, as always. 

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