Thursday 15 October 2015

Old Friends

....are like bookends.

I've known Katrina my whole life, and our mothers were friends before us too. With that, comes an innate ease of being together, which we've passed onto our children.

On this occasion, we went over to visit Katrina for the weekend and apart from a trip to her allotment we just hung around not really really doing too much of anything. I had my 'take with me everywhere' camera with me and it was one of those opportune moments where I ended up taking photos and everyone was relaxed, completely natural and the light was lovely.

These photos capture how I feel whenever I visit Katrina. I've always loved how she creates a home with character and a place I've felt welcomed since a child.

This is what Id like to give other families, as I know how much I'll treasure these photos. Spending valuable time with other people and just blending in with the day gives me a chance to catch those humble memories we create and enjoy but don't always keep.

I can spend an entire day with you and your family, simply recording (I will do a little direction too), your usual weekend activities so you end up with something honest and unique to your family. It's not just about the special occasions, one offs or grand events, its about those days that mean so much to us but we often take for granted. 

I'd love to hear from you if it's something you're interested in. We can meet for a culpa to chat about it, and if not in real life then virtual life - I love to Skype too! 

This post is dedicated to Katrina and Bobby who both wished they had been called Chole x

Canon A-1. Mix of Kodak films. Scanned and developed by the awesome UK Film Lab

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