Monday, 23 November 2015

Posh Paws

Probably the cutest blog post I've done! This is my dog Dug at his groomers.
Stacey started her business, Posh Paws over a year ago and her special touches make it a wonderful experience for both dog and owner! She often has homemade treats for the dogs and Dug usually leaves with a new present such as a dickie bow tie! Stacey has great style so the interior design is lovely, her fab logo was designed by her graphic designer sister Ebony. Stacey has a very caring nature and is wonderful with the dogs, after initially being quite worried about being left Dug now wonders in as if he owns the place and if he's is lucky he also gets to see his friend her little Chihuahua Rocco. It goes with out saying that he of course always looks amazing when he leaves!! If you have a dog a visit to Posh Paws is a must!
Here are some favourite photos I took at Posh Paws last winter. I do offer mini business shoots and I'd love to hear from you if you think it is something you'd like for your own business.

Contax 645. canon 1V. Mix of Kodak films. Scanned and developed by the excellent UK Film Lab.


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