Friday 24 January 2014

Debbie Jenkins Garden, Hayton, Cumbria

Dreaming of Spring! This is part 3 of an ongoing personal project called 'Town Life' where I have been photographing the people and places close to where I live. Introducing Debbie, an artist living in Hayton, Cumbria who has opened her garden to the public.  Debbie spends her life creating a magical environment that when visited leaves you feeling uplifted. As well as visitors from all over the country the local school children go there to write and draw as it really is an inspirational place to be. 

If it is somewhere you would like to have photos taken please get in touch, it is a perfect location for a family portrait.

Contax 645. Kodak portra films and Fuji 400H. Scanned and developed by UK Film Lab

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