Wednesday 22 January 2014

Portrait in the Pennines, Cumbria

This photo shoot was mainly about some practice for me. I am always trying to improve and understand more about film and how it works with light. My good friend Michelle was kind enough to model for me, on a very cold day in north Cumbria at the foot of the Pennine hills. The weather was dull, perfect for the tests I wanted to do. 

When taking photographs you capture something about that time, unique moments. To be honest I wasn't thinking about that this day. However, little did I know that Michelle was a few weeks pregnant, starting out on one of the most important journeys of her life. Looking back at these photographs is all of a sudden very special. 

From this experience, as well as more film knowledge, I have also learnt that every time I shoot it will be important in some way, you don't always plan what you will capture, that is part of the magic of photography. 

These are some of my favourites from the day.

Contax 645. A mix of Kodak Portra films pushed in development. Developed and scanned by the wonderful UK Film Lab.


  1. I really truly love these so much Molly!!! And the story makes them even more special. She will treasure these pictures forever and ever xxx

    1. Thank you so much Siegred, your words mean a lot! It is such a special time for Michelle, so happy to have saved some of the memories for her xx