Friday, 12 February 2016

2015 Review

I have loved this year in my business so much. When I decided to start out on my own a few years ago, it felt at times like I would never get to the point where I had real clients wanting me to take their photos.

I spent A LOT of time practicing shooting film. Pretty much all my friends and family have been roped into a shoot at some point. I wanted to feel like I knew film and my cameras inside out.

Then there was discovering my own voice. What was my style? what am I trying to say? I found personal projects very important for this.

 And finally, how do I get people to book me?

Last year it felt like these things had all started to come together. Although I see the  practicing as a lifelong  lesson, jobs were coming in on a regular basis. Best of all, everyone was happy, and that was the real test. I have met and worked with some wonderful people this year, for which I feel very lucky.

I can't wait for what this year has to bring. I hope you enjoy looking through some of my favourites from 2015, and if you like them and want me to photograph your family, business, wedding, partner, you - give me a shout and we can make a plan!

I started my year with Amy and Lee's wedding in Lancaster on the 3rd January and ended it with Reuben and Polly's 'In Love' shoot in the Lake District on the 23rd December. A fabulous beginning and ending. 

My cameras - Contax 645, Canon 1V, Canon A1, Fuji GF670. Film - mix of Kodak and Ilford. All film developed and scanned by the wonderful Christian and Erica at the UK Film Lab.

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