Friday 4 March 2016

Reuben and Polly

I was absolutely thrilled when photographer Reuben Shaul got in touch with me to say he was visiting from Israel with his girlfriend Polly and could I record their day together in Cumbria. To be asked to photograph another photographer is always such an honour. I set to work planning something for us to do and to show them the sights as they were only in Cumbria for 3 days so I wanted to make it as special as I could. At the last minuet we changed days as it was near the end of December and the weather was going to be very wet, not to mention very cold! We made the right choice and got a lovely sunny; still very cold, day. I decided on a short walk with big views in Windermere as we only had a few hours before they caught their train. It was a good choice.

Both Polly and Reuben are very talented and very lovely people who met at a wedding, Reuben photographing (Eight Bells ), and Polly filming (Studio Polly). They are quite the duo and I make a point of keeping up with what they are doing as they make some very cool films/photos and are constantly experimenting. If you don't follow them on Facebook I recommend that you do! I loved my time with them both and that day will always be a special memory for me. They are also both into film photography so we had lots to talk about, we just got started on the polaroids and they had to get on the train. Next time.....!

They were so easy to photograph and I think their love is plain to see....

Contax 645. Canon 1V. Kodak - Portra 400. Ilford - HP5, Delta 3200. Developed and scanned by the brilliant UK Film Lab

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