Tuesday 19 April 2016

Theo's Birth Story

This was one of my last jobs of 2015 and I had to be on call for 4 weeks.  Baby Theo decided he was coming the day after one of the biggest storms to hit Cumbria in years -it was certainly a dramatic time to enter the world! 

His birth however was not so dramatic, it was filled with love: very beautiful and calm. 
I had only met Alex and Joss once to chat about my role in their birth story and we hit it off instantly, spending 2 hours chatting over coffee.

I still however wondered what it would be like being there through something so intimate. It is strange but I never felt like I was intruding. Instead I felt like I was recording something so real that no photographer intervention was needed, I could simply blend into the background, it was very refreshing. 

Something that stood out was their love for each other, which was such an honour to whiteness, very beautiful. Joss was amazing throughout, I was completely in awe of her strength. 

I am so happy I was there for those special first moments, I loved every minuet.    

Contax 645, Canon 1V, Fuji GF670. Kodak Portra 400. Ilford Hp5, Delta 3200. All developed and scanned by the fabulous UK Film Lab.

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